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2008 Gegužės 30 d.

The Tech Herald SnapGear565 sprendimo pilna apžvalga, anglų kalba 

SnapGear-565 įvertinimai pagal 20 balų sistemą:

   1. Features and options
   2. Adaptability with other devices
   3. Security – How well can it protect the network
   4. Usability – How easy was it to set-up and manage
   5. Overall performance

   1. 20 (TrustedSource, VPN, UTM security, all equal an impressive feature set.)
   2. 20 (There is nothing on a network that the SG565 cannot work with.)
   3. 20 (SNORT acted exactly as advertised. The only issues were user created.)
   4. 15 (Documentation on the internal help. However, it is easy to use on your own.)
   5. 15 (Solid performance and strong features make the SG565 worth looking at.)

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