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2009 Birželio 11 d.

McAfee mums siūlo:

SG310 – The McAfee UTM Firewall SG310 is a compact, feature-rich network security appliance that is perfect for securing small networks and remote workers. The onboard 4-port 10/100 Ethernet switch and serial ports connect the network to the Internet via broadband (ADSL, cable, SHDSL, and others) or narrowband (modem and ISDN) connections.

SG560 and SG560U – For slightly larger offices where higher performance is needed, the McAfee UTM Firewall SG560 includes all the features of the SG310 plus a robust metal case, hardware encryption acceleration for better VPN performance, and port-based VLAN capability that offers up to five separate security zones. The SG560U includes a USB port to provide a low cost 3G wireless connectivity option.

SG565 – With the adoption of wireless LANs (WLANs), organizations of all sizes benefit from the ability to access information when away from a desk. The McAfee UTM Firewall SG565 extends the capabilities of the SG560 to include 802.11b/g WLAN support and two USB host ports. USB ports allow you to expand on-board storage, or even provide 3G network access through USB 3G wireless modems—either as a primary connection or a high-availability option. The SG565 also offers IDS/IPS, and web caching.

SG580 – The McAfee UTM Firewall SG580 consolidates firewall, intrusion prevention, and secure VPN access. Its networking capabilities enable small offices and branch offices of large enterprises to safely and easily connect their networks of PCs, PDAs, web and application servers to the Internet via broadband circuits from T-1 to T-3 and xDSL, or narrowband connections (modem and ISDN). Includes up to five separate security zones, link failover and Internet session load balancing, and built-in web proxy cache.

SG640 – The McAfee UTM Firewall SG640 is a cost-effective firewall/VPN/IDS/IPS solution packaged on a PCI card for desktops and critical servers. By offloading this processing from the host computer, the SG640 ensures high performance and throughput with the convenience of remote management and simplified installation. The UTM Firewall SG640 eliminates the cabling, space, and power requirements of an external appliance while not having to rely on the host operating system to manage your security requirements.

SG720 – With nearly 200 Mbps throughput, two gigabit Ethernet ports, and three VLAN 10/100 ports, the ICSA-certified SG720 is an excellent solution for branch offices of larger organizations as well as central offices of small to mid-size enterprises (SME). With its rich feature set and rack-optimized form factor, the SG720 is a compelling enterprise-class firewall solution at a mid-market price.

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