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Prekės kodas GXV-3000
Pavadinimas IP Vaizdo telefonas

Grandstream GXV-3000 naujos kartos IP telefonas, paremtas SIP ir H.264 standartais. Daug galimybių, gera audio ir vaizdo kokybė.

Pagrindiniai aspektai (tikslumo labui originalo kalba):

Support SIP 2.0, TCP/IP/UDP, RTP/RTCP, HTTP/HTTPS, ARP/RARP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP (both client and server), PPPoE, TFTP, NTP, Telnet, TLS (pending), etc.
Support dual 10M/100M auto-sensing Ethernet ports configurable to operate under either switch or router mode.
Powerful video DSP with advanced adaptive jitter control and packet loss concealment technology to ensure superb audio and video quality.
Support advanced H.264 base line real-time video codec (at CIF or QVGA resolution and up to 30 frames/second)
Support popular voice features including 3 line indicators, full-duplex hands free speaker phone, 3-way conference, etc

Support advanced video features including:
- High quality 5.6-inch TFTP color LCD panel 2 dimensionally
rotable and camera tiltable to allow virtually all viewing angles
- Advanced VGA resolution CMOS camera sensor
- Anti-flickering
- Auto focus and auto exposure
- Zoom
- PIP (Picture-in-Picture)
- Audio mute and camera block (for privacy)
- Still picture capture/store/send (VGA Resolution)

Support 2 USB (2.0) host ports, 1 audio and 1 video output jack and headset jack
Support device configuration via LCD, Web browser or central secure configuration file
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